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One of the most important things when it comes to ‘certified legal translation near me’ or translation services in Dubai is acceptance by all the government offices and legal institutions. It’s a very critical aspect of translation that most people overlook in their rush to get documents translated. This certification, the acceptance of our translated documents by government officials and the judiciary as legal translation is what makes Quality Translation Services DMCC the best certified legal translation nearby in Dubai and JLT. The purpose of documentation and translation becomes easier when one doesn’t have to run around seeking revision, or further certification.

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Our Mission

We aim to be among the top legal and professional translators in the world, with special focus on translation in Dubai, and the UAE. We have 18 years of experience in translation in Dubai, offering our clients language localization services that are the best in the industry. We already have a vast network of linguists and experts in various fields across the globe, and our team offers translations in 150+ languages. At QTS, we intend to further our network, and reach more customers as the one-stop solution for all their communication requirements, including that of language and interpretation services.

Our Vision

We are certified, authorized and have an excellent team of young and experienced experts in various fields of law, as well as professional legal translators who can do a quick, accurate and effective translation of legal documents into the language of your preference.

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What we do

QTS is a full-service translation company. We offer comprehensive linguistic solutions to the clients that include:
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